[WPXperVideo id=81 ]today we are going to recover data from a crash Windows PC using Ubuntu Linux live USB Drive knowing how to do this can be very useful because they can save your valuable data like your English papers and can also save you a bunch of money because having this done by someone like Geek Squad is extremely expensive first you’re going to need a USB thumb drive that is at least one gigabyte in size this shouldn’t be too hard to come by and if you don’t have one they’re not very expensive after you have obtained your flash drive you need to plug it into your computer we’re going to use a program called unetbootin to download and put Ubuntu Linux on our thumb drive because this makes the process much easier go to unetbootin sourceforge.net you should see the link on the screen and then click the download link for Windows once it’s downloaded open the file windows will give you a security warning but the file is not harmful so you can go ahead and open it now that you Boonton is open click on the box that says select distribution and scroll down until you see Ubuntu now go to where it says USB Drive and make sure the right Drive is selected this is very important because you do not want to overwrite your hard drive once that is done click OK after the download and install is over you can remove the thumb drive and put it in your non booting Windows PC I’m going to the BIOS and change the boot order so the USB removable disk is first the steps to do this differ between each computer so you need to look up how to do this for your particular model now that your boot 2 is booted go up to the places menu in the top menu bar and click on your Windows drive each Drive will be named something different but they will all be in this location now that the drive is open navigate to the files you want to recover you can hit ctrl T to open up a new tab in the file manager if you need to now just copy the files that you want to recover over to a thumb drive note that you need to use a different thumb drive to save these files to the one we’ve been using is running the Linux disk image and cannot be used as a thumb drive at the moment once that is done go to the top right hand corner of the screen where it says Ubuntu and click scroll down to shut down and shut down the PC