This is how data recovery happens in physically damaged hard drive in special class 100 clean rooms at Stellar Data Recovery Labs. We got a chance to see the whole process of Data Recovery at Stellar Data Recovery Labs. We will walk you through the whole process of data recovery from hard drive, SSD, removable SD cards, smartphones etc. Stellar data recovery handles logical as well as physical data recovery. They repair the hard drive or other storage media temporarily to make a clone image and then extract data out of it. This is all done in a class 100 clean room which only has 100 dust particles for every cubic foot of air. The temperature and humidty is all in control in these class 100 room. One needs to go through air showers to remove the dust particles in the body and then enter these rooms. They have a collection of spare parts using which repairs are done. Also they have this amazing no recovery no charge policy to gain trust of customers.
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Stellar Data Recovery Lab Process review

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