[WPXperVideo id=80 ]hi everyone today I am going to show you simple steps to recover data from dead hard drive of a computer here when I say dead hard drive it means the hard drive which becomes unbootable may be due to OS crash or any hardware problem so if it is due to hardware issue then you need to take the hard drive to any recovery expert as far as software related problems are concerned I can help you any time for that so to recover data from dead hard disk first you must remove it from your system and connect it on any healthy system either by using empty hard drive slots in CPU or through USB enclosure I have provided a video link in the description below this video which will show you how to connect a hard drive using USB enclosure now to start the recovery go to the site recover my hard drive dot o-r-g and visit the page dead data dot HTML read thoroughly the info provided on this page and later download the software now learn the software on your system and this is how the software looks when you launch it from the main screen choose the option recover drives to recover the dead hard drive from this screen you need to choose the partition recovery module to proceed further here on this screen software lists out the storage devices connected on your system is showing the data drive and the main hard drive the system choose the hard drive which is dead that is it you have connected to the system and click Next here software scans the found partitions on the dead hard drive and list out the partitions which it has scanned as you can see the found partitions are displayed now click the partition and click Next here software ask you to select the file depths either you select the file tab to recover or skip this step now software start scanning the partition for the data and list out the recovered data as you can see on the screen now you need to select the required data which you you have to save on your hard drive and proceed further once you click on next software ask you to save the recovery session do it and proceed further on the last screen you need to provide the destination location to save the recovered data here it’s asking that the folders are already there with the same name so I am renaming the folders with a different name again it’s asking the same thing for the second folder also which I’ve selected for the recovery now software start saving the data on the preferred location and as you can see the output folder is displayed on the screen here you can see the two folders which I have saved that is recovered dead and recovered dead one so that’s it this is how you can easily recover back the data from a dead hard drive without much effort hope you find this video helpful to know more and to try the software visit the site provided in the description and check my channel to get info on the data recovery in different scenarios goodbye