[WPXperVideo id=85 ]hello everyone this is HDD recovery services today’s recovery is going to be on a barracuda made by Seagate this drive came out from in I Omega enclosure I Omega doesn’t make hard drives they built enclosures and they use companies like Seagate Samsung Hitachi Western Digital Toshiba inside of their units and sell their drives as their own product so we pulled the drive out we tested it on our machine machine since this is an older type of Seagate the only messages that we’re getting are the head mask messages dessert highly related to head assembly so that’s what we’re going to be replacing today on this drive it’s fairly straightforward process because the utility said that we will be using later on for imaging will allow us to create a loader for this drive which will be helping us with the imaging process now without having access to those utilities this procedure can be very very difficult to do so I strongly recommend not to get into it if you do not have access to tools such as PC 3000 for example so the first thing I’m going to do is open up our patient’s drive just to make sure that there is no extensive bladder damage prior to us jumping in and opening up the donor drive that we ordered this is an older drive so it was hard to find it you had to get into our sources now that we have the parts we can proceed with the process okay so it doesn’t look like there is any damage to the drive the filter looks clean so what are we dealing with here is a hard drive that will that is parking its heads on on the on a platter okay as you can see there is no external parking ramp so as far as the procedure goes there’s it’s a little bit more difficult to expect extract heads out of the drive like this so for that we’re going to use one of our specialized head extraction tools but first we need to clear and make way for the parson to be ready to come out okay so on these drives there’s not too many obstacles that we have to remove this bulb needs to come out as well and set aside the architecture of 7,200 that nine