monolith data recovery – how to recover data from monolithic SD card
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Here is a quick x 6 fast-forwarded demonstration of me attaching Monolith SD card to a Rusolut adapter in order to perform RAW data extraction from the NAND that is embedded into the body of the SD card. Main difference between dead SD cards that have a printed circuit board with components mounted externally and monoliths are the ways the communications with NAND are achieved. In case with external NAND memory chips all that we have to do is remove them and clean them for the socket adapter. With monoliths we first need to strip the backside to expose the test points, have a pinout schematic ready for that specific device, attach each signal by soldering it to an adapter, and only then we will have access to RAW data of the NAND. As you can see Data recovery on monolithic memory devices is “slightly” more time consuming, and highly depends the pinout schematics.

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