EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Technician v10.8.0
-::- Asifmz007 -::-
Click & Download : https://goo.gl/R4wlwV
How to Block:-
Follow the given steps to block EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard using Windows Firewall :-
1. Go to windows search and search for “firewall”.
2. Now open “Windows Firewall With Advanced Security”.
3. In the left tab of “Windows Firewall With Advanced Security” click on “Outbound Rules” and here in right tab click on “New Rule”.
4. Slect rule type “Programe” and click Next.
5. Now select and find the specific program that you want to block and click Next.
exa: (C:/Program files/EaseUs DRW/DRWUI.exe)
6. Now select “Block the connection” and click Next.
7. Select all networks public,private,Domain and click Next.
8. Give any name you want and click “Finish”.
9. Done. The programe is Blocked.
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