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This is a follow up to our earlier video about the age old freezer trick for recovering data from a failed hard disk. You can find the first video here:

This video is another example of why it’s a bad idea to put your hard drive in the freezer for data recovery. This time we used a sealed hard drive (no breather hole) and a desiccant (to reduce moisture). We tried to eliminate as many outside factors as possible that were brought up in our first video.

Just a note, we aren’t posting these freezer videos as a scare tactic, or a way to drum up business. This do-it-yourself method has been popular on the Internet for many years, and in many cases it can make a bad situation even worse. We want to show you why this is such a bad idea, and exactly what it does to the inside of the drive. Hard drives inherently have extremely low tolerances to imperfections or debris on the platter surfaces. This means anything (including microscopic ice crystals) can damage the heads once the drive is powered up. This can then lead to damage to the platter surface which will render the data unrecoverable.

If you have critical data that you’ve lost due to a head crash, then you need to seek out the help of a professional data recovery company. It doesn’t have to be our company, but do your research and find a reputable firm that has the experience and knowledge needed to successfully recover your data.

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